Tales of Asia – Yogyakarta

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Tales of Asia – Yogyakarta
Yogyakarta, the cultural capital in the heart of Java Island is the living proof that there is life without hot water, bread or internet. A proof that life is full with colourful traditions, hospitality and friendships, regardless of colour, religion or social status.
The heart of the city is wrapped around the Sultan’s place, know as Taman Sari Water Castle. The place fascinates with all the beautiful stories and legends from the past.
Джоджякарта Индонезия

Taman Sari – the pool where the Sultan’s women used to swin and relax under the sun

The former majesty of the palace has long been extinguished, quelled by the numerous buildings. The pond that used to stretch from the palace’s pools to the palace itself has long vanish, until the very last drop, and in its place an endless field fo red tiles appeared.

Йоджиакарта Индонезия

The grandeur of the Sultan’s palace is lost in the sea of ​​red tiles

Few meters from the Sultan’s pools, a mosque is hidden underground, away from the prying eyes of the tourists. Maze of white walls and dusty, sandy road leads to the entrance of the holy place. The entrance welcomes with a cool, fresh air and it leads all the way to a circular tunnel with sandy coloured walls. The core of the tunnel doesn’t have a roof and the sun light that comes through it, coloures the beautiful starcases built at several levels. The wooden bars on the second level of the mosque welcomes the visitors into the backyards of the locals.


The basement level of the mosque of Taman Sari.

Near Yogyakarta lies Gunung Merapi (from Indonesian Gunnung-mountain) Mount Merapi, the mountain of fire. One of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia burned hundreds of people and left thousands homeless. Converted into a National Park in 2004, Merapi tells the sad story of the past, buried under piles of gray ash.

Джоджякарта, Мерапи Индонезия

Merapi left thousands homeless

The last eruption of of mount Merapi was in October 2010,but the damage it left still can be seen nowadays. The scattered, burned belongings, the cool air and the tranquility stand as a monuments in time. Near by tourists can see rivers will extinct lava.

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