Hello there, my name is Mari and I am a travel blogger. Well more like a occasional travel blogger actually. One of the things about me is that I love writing about travel, but most of the time I am too lazy to do it. Other things I like include eating cookies and reading books while eating cookies. Actually everything is better when there are cookies involved.

My story is kind of a cliche. Back in 2011 I decided I wasn’t happy with what I was studying in the university plus the joy of being stuck in a job behind a desk. So I did what every adult would do – I dropped out of the university and quit my job to travel the world. But let me tell you that this wasn’t easy. Behind all of the glamorous and polished images and stories you read in the travel magazines, there are bank loans, long layovers and lost flip flops. But there are also adventurous moments and breathtaking views, great people and unique cultures.

Since I started travelling I have lived with the locals in Cambodia, swum for my life in the open sea, conquered my fear of flying (ok, this one is not true!), sang karaoke on a bus to Bangkok and found myself sleeping in many weird places.

I went to Aarhus in Denmark to pursue my bachelor degree, but quickly realized that I wasn’t happy with losing all the feelings in my face during the long and cold winter. I also used to live in London where I spent a lot of time with the swans in Hide Park and roaming around the various exhibits at the British Museum.

And few years later I have fallen in love with so many places and I have collected so many funny travel stories. And I promise I will start blogging about them as soon as I finish this tin of cookies!

travel blog

Me enjoying the sun in Thailand and most probably regretting eating too much cookies.