Afternoon In Jerash

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Waiting at a traffic light in Amman I was looking at the people who were rushing to work. The numerous small shops along the sidewalk were fighting for my attention. From the dazzling fabrics of a clothing store to the sweet scent coming out a small bakery.

I could hear some happy chatter in the distance mixed with the loud tunes blasting from someones radio. As the light changed to green, few drivers honked impatiently and we continued on our way to Jerash.

Like most travel stories about this place, mine too started by accident. I didn’t know anything about Jerash prior to my trip to Jordan and, well … my trip to Jerash. All I knew was that there was this ancient city, long lost beneath a thick blanket of sand until its rediscovery in the late 1800s.

Best Things To Do In Jerash

The values of the deep blue sky contrasted against the soft, sandy colours of the ruins. It was a quiet, hot day and there wasn’t even the slightest hint of a cloud in the sky.
We started our ascend to Hadrian’s arch and the buzz of the modern city disappeared behind us. Now we were facing the magnificent arch rising from the dusty grounds.


Bright red poppies diversified the warm colours of the landscape, while the original stone paved streets still beared the ruts of chariot wheels.

Day Trip To Jerash


There weren’t many tourists and we wandered along the dried fields that encompassed the ruins.





Despite being surrounded by the modern buildings of present Jerash all the rush of the daily life felt so distant.


Having experienced the adrenaline of climbing canyons, the calmness of stargazing in the desert, embarking on a self-drive road trip from Aqaba to Jerash and swimming in the salty waters of the Dead Sea, this was the perfect goodbye with the beautiful and heartwarming Jordan.

Till the next time!

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