Alexey Kjatov’s macro lens photography of unique snowflakes

November 21, 2013 No Comments »

Just in time for winter, Alexey Kljatov has shared stunning macro lens photographs of various snowflakes that he captured. His works of art are real proof that no snowflake is ever alike. Most people think that in order to get such a perfect shot you require expensive equipment. But, Alexey shares his secret of capturing nature’s wonders with nothing more than an entry level DSLR camera. He uses an old model of Helios macro lens and recycled materials from around the house.

So even if you are a photography newbie, you can still create unique snowflake photos of your own. Check Alexey’s oficial blog to find out detailed instructions. The interesting thing is that instead of using the lens the normal way, Alexey reversed it pointing the back lens to the snowflakes and the front one at the camera. Instead of using macro mode, he shooted at maximum optical zoom.

Be inspired by the stunning photographs of Alexey’s snowflakes, lighted by LED lights and revealing that there is no bigger artist that the nature itself. Photos courtesy of Alexey Kljatov.

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