Get a taste of the Balkans: Sofia’s free food tour

March 25, 2015 1 Comment »

Call them what you like – borek, burek, banitza – these crispy parcels of heavenly delight are the perfect movable feast, connected with the rich Bulgarian culture. There is no better, faster way to learn about a place’s history and flavors, than through its culinary scene.

And you know what is better than food? Free food!

Balkan Bites is the only free food tour, that is a delicious way to step outside your travel comfort zone and try new things.

The food tour explores not only the culinary scene of this European capital, but also the history behind the architecture and the traditions connected with some of the most popular dishes. Balkan Bites welcomes everyone and the tour is open, meaning you don’t need to register. Just make sure you go to the meeting point on time as it is on a first come – first serve basis.

Free food tours in Europe

Depending on the season you will eat your way through different restaurants that serve authentic Bulgarian cuisine. Most of them are off the beaten path, so you will also get to enjoy the small streets of Sofia.  The local cuisine is a main part of Bulgarian culture and that is the main reason why this food tour is a must to do whilst in Sofia. If you are looking for something very traditional, the guide will take you to the best samples  of Bulgarian cuisine you can have in Sofia.

An interesting fact about the Bulgarian cuisine is that in the ’60s, a “traditional” Bulgarian cuisine was decided by the government. All restaurants were required to make the same basic dishes. This homogenized food culture decimated regional cooking, something Bulgaria is slowly rediscovering today as the country finds its food roots.

It doesn’t matter if you try the emblematic, slightly sweet wine , while savoring a plate of local cheeses or indulge in traditional soups and pastries. Balkan Bites is the most delicious way to learn interesting facts about the oldest country in Europe and get a tasty lunch for free.

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