Getting Around Indonesia: Jakarta Airport to City

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The first time we arrived in Indonesia we didn’t have any idea on how to get to the city without being ripped off. We thought we would make one last Google search when we landed, but as it turned out there weren’t any open Wi-Fi networks at the Soekarno Hatta Airport. Then we decided to give it a try at KFC, after ordering a portion of what we thought was the worst KFC chicken ever, the Wi-Fi was still only a mirage.

Jakarta airport ot city centre

Waiting room at Soekarno Hatta Airport

Although Jakarta is upgrading it’s airport, it won’t be completed for a number of years. The current airport building at the Soekarno Hatta Airport (where all international flights arrive) is big and overcrowded and it will definitely not make it to your list of top airports. There are various taxi stands and chances are people touts will try to overcharge you by offering you a ride in a non-metered taxi with fixed price. The journey from the airport to central Jakarta should not cost you more that Rp. 120.000 to Rp.150.000 ($12-$15).

Jakarta airport to city

Blue Bird taxi

Some of the most reputable taxi companies in Indonesia are the Blue Bird (Blue color), Express (White color), Taxiku (Yellow color) or Gamya Taxi (Green). All of the above taxi companies are metered. Sometimes it will be a better option to take the fixed price car as the traffic to the city can be overwhelming (last time we visited Jakarta it took us almost 2 hours to get to the central part).

Cheapest way from Jakarta airport to the city

You can take the train from Gambir station.

However if you are traveling by yourself (you are not in a hurry) and will be happy to save a couple of Rupiah you have the option of taking the Damri bus. The ticket to central Jakarta (Gambir train station) will cost you only Rp.25.000 ($3). Once you get to Gambir you can walk to your preffered destination, take the train or rent a motorbike taxi. There are Damri ticketing station on all airport terminals and the last bus to Jakarta is departing around 11:30PM. There are no signs at the bus terminal so you will have to pay attention to the bus drivers yelling “Gambir”.

Cheapest way Jakarta airport to city

You can an ojek (motorbike taxi) for $1-2

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