On being home and other wonderful things

September 27, 2015 1 Comment »

Hey you guys, I know I am terrible with keeping my blog especially if this requires me to write consistent posts. This is like a new year resolution to me. I always promise myself I will be better in keeping my blog and writing new content, when in reality I keep up the work for few months and then retire on my couch to read other blogger’s posts. And watch cartoons. And eat all the sugary things.

But hey, that’s what the new year resolutions are for. And couches too.

Since I haven’t posted in a while this post will be a bit different and it won’t describe any travels of mine. Kind-of.

If you stop occationaly to read my blog you will know that I really don’t like flying and I avoid it like cats avoid water. But as the summer was towards its end (well in Europe at least) I knew I had to board a plane once again in order to reach the mystical shores of Bulgaria.

They are not so mystical actually, but I like to make it sound more fancy, you know just because. Althought a colleague of mine did tell me that he tought of me when he watched the Count Dracula movie. Don’t get the wrong idea, he was reminded of me, because I am from Bulgaria and not because I look like an old vampire, who happens to be a guy. An old guy.

Spending 14 hours in two airplanes wasn’t easy. Especially when I couldn’t sleep and had to hide under my seat each time there was turbulence. Also because the airplane that got me from Istanbul to Sofia was most probably coeval to the Wright brothers.

At least my seatmates got to have an entertaining flight – not because of the ‘great’ movie selection.

how to deal with fear of flying

When I arrived home I went through the different stages of the SOMEONE-WHO’S-BEEN-AWAY-FROM-HOME-FOR-AT-LEAST-AN-YEAR syndrome. And believe me the worst stage of all was the gaining weight one. This is the reason I tend to go on a diet before I travel home, so when I am fed multiple times a day, with the most delicious and fatty (of course) foods, I won’t need to change my passport photo afterwards. Usually I fail at this stage, as well as my pants. But who need pants anyway! ELASTIC WAISTS FOR LIFE!

One of the perks to be away from home is to have enough time to forget all the small things that irritates you. Like when your mom leaves two sets of sweaters on your bed, just because it is 15 degrees outside and you happen to come from a country where there is 35 degrees. And a pair of sock. Woolen sock. And a winter coat, just in case.

But I love my family and the small and irritating habits they have. Well mostly, because we spend only three weeks per year together. I still love ‘em. Something I can’t say about the woolen socks.

Usually when I go home I always want to go visit all the places and see all the things, but I end up eating all the things, like all the time, every time. Also I got to practice taking selfies with my dog.

Being home is one wonderful thing, which gets me thinking sometimes what would it be if I don’t live abroad. Will I only wear woolen socks? I bet it will be worht it (and itchy too).

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    I love your article, it is so well written – funny and interesting! Keep the good job and I want part 2!

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