Lifeswanderlust takes on Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

December 19, 2014 2 Comments »

Marina Bay Sands is one of the sought-after hotels in Singapore. The most spectacular part of the futuristic hotel is located on the 57th floor. As you know I am the worst person when it comes to heights, but it wasn’t like I was going to turn down the opportunity to see the pool – usually inaccessible to mortal people and backpack travelers.

Marina Bay Sands’ Sky park stretches over 200m and offers the most beautiful panoramic views over the Central Business District of Singapore – on one side, and Gardens by the bay and the marina on the other. This tropical oasis is complemented by the most famous and stunning infinity pool in the world. Unfortunately the pool is only accessible for hotel guests and the luxury to have a dip can set you back anywhere between $300 and $500 per night.

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

Few weeks ago I was invited to take a walk at the Sky Park and the Infinity pool deck. I know what you are thinking, but I still had to leave the swimming suit behind. I was asked not to go down to the edge of the pool and to be really careful not to trow myself for a swim in it. Like I was going to jump in the water with my DSLR camera and clothes and all. But hey, you never know what kind of fame-seeking, travel bloggers these guys met.

Apparently, the one that would trow themselves in the pool with all their clothes and equipment on.

The security at the pool deck was stronger than the one at the airport. To gain access all the guest had to show their room cards. In order to prevent people sneaking into the little piece of luxury set on the top of the hotel, people were asked to queue in line, before passing through the marked entrance.

Marna Bay Sands Infinity Pool

At the pool deck all the glamorous people were sunbathing and enjoying the perfectly cooked intercontinental breakfast, while taking in the beautiful views of the city’s skyline. The sunbeds were preoccupied with white fluffy towels and the side tables were filled with all kinds of suntanning lotions. Opposite the pool, people were pampered in jacuzzis overlooking the marina.

To be able to use the pool and visit the garden, you have to be a registered guest of the hotel. If not, you can pay and visit the Sky Park observatory, which offers the same panoramic views of the city. If you travel to Singapore on a budget, this would be a great way to experience this record breaking hotel and its luxurious facilities.  Otherwise, you can book a room from Marina Bay Sands‘ official website.

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  1. Caroline Monday April 20th, 2015 at 5:21 am - Reply

    What a pool … I would pay for a night there just to swim in it!

  2. Ясен Saturday April 30th, 2016 at 9:31 pm - Reply

    This is one of the most – interesting posts I’ve read lately. Usually I do not like to comment on many posts on blogs, but now could not resist :)
    Keep writing still fascinating and enjoy people with interesting travelogues :)

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