Find some of my favourite travel blogs and travel sites on this link directory list. I have also included few non-travel blogs which are humorist and informative and I think you will enjoy reading them.

The link directory list is separated by language – English and Bulgarian. Most of the blogs and sites listed in the Bulgarian category have an English language version, so you can check them out too.

If I missed out your own blog or blog you are mad about, feel free to drop me a note at,  and I will consider adding it to the list.

useful travel blogs


2 Backpackers Latin America travel resource.
Adventure Flair Adriana Vassilkova’s blog about traveling in Europe and around The Balkans.
Audrey Bergner Known as That Backpacker, passionate about food, adventure and travel.
Bunch of Backpackers Manouk is an enthusiastic Korean girl from Rotterdam, who searches for authentic and adventurous experiences around the globe.
Erika’s Travels Insights and anecdotes from a life on the road.
Nomadic Samuel As Samuel describes himself he “spent the better part of his youth fleeing from bears and cougars” before he embarked on a journey around the world. Blog with a serious sense of humor and a lot of helpful information.
The Happy Passport Insight and inspiration for the 30+ solo female traveler – with travel cheerleader Rebekah Voss.
Wandering Earl The Life of a Permanent Nomad.


100 obekta  Learn more about the hundred national tourist sites, a must visit places if you travel to the picturesque country of Bulgaria.
Gone with the backpack Follow the footsteps of Elena as she conquers the world.
Sunshine Adriana Vassilkova’s Bulgarian blog in which she shares tips on how to travel solo.
Touristika Helps solo travelers in their choice of destination, hotel, tickets for attractions, routes and ideas on how to travel.