The local food market at Lamai

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Up until recently many of the markets in Koh Samui were solely made up of people selling different foods. Koh Samui’s markets are very different from the one that can be found in other parts of Thailand.

Lamai beach market Koh Samui

Vegetable soup

Since one of our favourite cuisines from around the world is the Thai, we decided to visit the Lamai market, from where we could buy fresh ingredients.

Lamai beach market Koh Samui

Fried fish

Many of the goods that were offered at the different stalls were new to us, but unfortunately the explanation of whate they were exactly got lost in the translation.

Lamai beach market Koh Samui

Barbecued fish, chicken, beef and pork meatballs

On the island there are several markets and the Lamai market is much smaller than the one located at Chaweng or Nathon. The colourful market consists of exotic and unfamiliar fruits as well as fake bags, Man U shirts, kids toys and Thai styled pancakes.

Lamai beach market Koh Samui

Take away meals

The market is located near Tesco Lotus and opens daily from 5:00pm. Here you can buy various Thai sweets, deep fried fish or barbecued duck. Most of the takeaway meals are priced around 20 baht.

Lamai beach market Koh Samui

Fresh squid

The market is divided into sections and usually all the fruits, vegetables, spices and fresh sea food are displayed in their designated places at the market.

Lamai beach market Koh Samui

Fresh fish

The Lamai market is a great stopover before hitting the streets bars at the beach or if you want to get a fresh scoop of delicious and mouth watering food.

Lamai beach market Koh Samui

Longan, mangosteen, mangoes, grape and apples

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