Cameron Highlands Malaysia aka the Time I Visited Europe in Asia

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It was early in the morning on a Saturday – one of the days you I would like to sleep in. But I was excited to start the day early as we were going to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. The thing I wasn’t excited about, was the unexpected allergic reaction I got the previous day. But in a way I thought, the red rashes on my arms and legs were complementing the deep pink colours of my backpack – so it was a win-win. Right?!

things to do in Cameron highlands

The beautiful House By The Lake in Cameron Highlands has a European vibe to it. (c) Lifeswanderlust

It tooks us a little more than expected to reach to Cameron Highlands, as the morning traffic at the border was quite bad. It was one of those days when you wonder if they have decided to give away freebies, and everyone have gathered at the immigration to try to get their hands on one. But apart from the few faulty electronic gates and the sea of grumpy people, breathing heavily with impatience things were looking optimistic. We wanted to reach the hill region before the end of the day, which could give us a little time to explore before we had to find a hotel.

Things to do in Cameron Highlands

One of the best views I have ever seen in Malaysia. (c) Lifeswanderlust

Fast forward few hours and we were somewhere in the middle between Kuala Lumpur and Cameron Highlands. My skin was still feeling itchy and I was getting a bit hungry. As it turned out I had forgot to pack anything suitable for me to eat. And if you know me, food is very important. Like if the world is ending, first I will finish my meal and then I will run for my life. I am that kind of person.

The road to Cameron highlands was pretty much nice, as most of the time we drove on the highway. But then, of course, the last section of the trip had to lead through one lane road, with turns winding up the mountain. Now was the moment I was happy I didn’t had too much to eat (and I am sure my travel buddies too). This road was leading to few small villages, situated in the heart of the Cameron Highlands. And somewhere between them – the most beautiful tea plantation I have ever seen. And believe me I do have some tea plantation experience under my belt – like that time we drove on a motorbike around Vietnam and got lost while trying to find the Pongua waterfalls. Well, lets just say we got lost in a vast tea plantation field before we found the waterfall.

Things to do in Malaysia

(c) Lifeswanderlust

The Cameron highlands tea plantation was situated in the middle between Ringlet and Tanah Rata. We reached just before sunset and the weather was cool enough for us to enjoy a hot cup of freshly brewed black tea. We could see the fog swirling around the tops of the highest hills and a small trail of white smoke, coming from the factory chimney. We were greeted with the vast greenery and fresh scent of the tea leaves – with a panoramic view of the plantation. As we arrived just before their closing time, we didn’t go for the plantation tour, and decided to enjoy the view and the warm tea instead.

Few cups of tea later, we were on our way to Tanah Rata, where we decided to spend the night. There were many hotels along the main road, but we decided to check in The Heritage Hotel Cameron Highlands. A middle range priced hotel, with nice rooms and good service, but no in room WI FI. We decided not to be picky. After the quick check in, I rushed towards the main street to find something to eat. I was surprised by the great variety of restaurants and the somewhat European feel to the whole place. Our dinner consisted of freshly prepared Indian food and it was the most delicious thing I have had in a long time.

Cameron Highlands is famous not only for its tea plantations, but also for the various farms and the beautiful Mossy Forest. Spoiler Alert: this time we didn’t get lost in any tea plantation. But we may got a little lost along the way to the Mossy Forest.

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