Playground For The Rich: Singapore Yacht Show

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Back for its seventh edition, Singapore Yacht Show promised to be bigger and bolder, presenting some of the ultimate yachts, anchored at the sought after marina at Sentosa Cove.

The Yacht Show set sail at Sentosa Cove and brought with it the latest and luxurious yacht displays, topped with glamorous after parties for the rich and restless.

Yacht Show

To be honest, if I cut down on the number of cookie boxes I go through each week, I may even save enough to buy myself a decent small yacht boat with paddles. Or at least this is what I am telling myself.

The yacht exhibition, being the peak event happening at The Cove, is the well-polished, luxurious platform for its guests to meet yachting professionals and boat owners. The rest of the carefully selected visitors, that can’t go on a shopping spree of no less that few million, can enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship of the yachts. As a bonus the fuel heads can feast their eyes on the grand display of various supercars, lining up at the waterfront.

Yacht Show in Asia

The list of exhibitors includes the best names in the boating and private jet industry. As well as some of the finest jewelry makers, boat navigational systems and even custom build submarines.

Having visited last years’ exhibition, I can confirm that Singapore Yacht Show 2017 edition was indeed bigger and stronger, with jewels like the 77m superyacht SILVERFAST. Unfortunately my denim shorts and flip flops may have given away my financial status, so I wasn’t allowed to get onboard to explore the yacht.

Singapore Yacht Show

But still there was enough going around to be entertained, with a colourful display of lights, party music and the friendlier staff on some of the smaller yachts, that were open for exploration to everyone, despite their social status.

yacht exhibiton

This event may not exactly be my type of boat, but if you are around for its next edition, I would suggest you explore it. Even, if you can’cut on your cookie intake, there is something for everyone at Singapore Yacht Show. Be it a superyacht or a kayak demonstration, you will find something to get you going.

Luxury Yachts

Just don’t forget to leave your flip flops at home.

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