The Road To Sydney

September 17, 2016 1 Comment »

We were travelling for almost half a day when the sun set. The flat landscape allowed us to see the many colours of the endless sky – which varied from soft blue to dark, deep black. At one side the sun was setting and on the other the stars started to appear in the sky. In front of us was the endless highway. The perfect road and the good music from the radio. The most part the road was empty and we were optimistic, that we could reach Sydney without making a stop…

As the sun completely set, we were no longer alone on the road. We were surrounded by hundreds of trucks, rushing to do their deliveries across Australia. As first it wasn’t too challenging to continue driving, but soon it became too intense, with trucks driving in front of us, behind us and in the opposite lane. We didn’t drive that slow, but they constantly were passing us, which made the whole experience even more thrilling.

So we were extremely happy when we took that left turn and suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. Sydney could wait. The noise of the passing trucks was suddenly becoming more and more distant as we drove up the small dirt road. We were surrounded by endless fields and we could only see a small farm house in the far distance. We stopped the car. We eventually stopped the engine and its sound was overtaken by the thousands of crickets, that were surrounding us.

We opened the windows and felt the refreshing cool breeze filling up the car. Sitting on the window frame (I hope the car rental company is not reading this) we gazed at the starry sky with all the distant stars and planets and galaxies.

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  1. Caroline Thursday December 1st, 2016 at 10:56 pm - Reply

    Nothing like the stillness of night in the middle of nowhere … I have experienced it once before in my life!

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