Shopping Guide for Dummies: Petailing Street, Kuala Lumpur

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If you stick around Southeast Asia for long enough, you will find out that there is nothing you can’t buy here. Usually most of the local markets sell fruits and vegetables you can’t even guess what they are, but this is not the case with one of the busiest streets in Kuala Lumpur.

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Petailing street in Kuala Lumpur is a roaring market, full of sounds and people and smells, fake goods, great attitudes, PhDs in bartering, all types of food and Chinese lanterns illuminating the street.

Chinatown Kuala Lumpur

This is definitely the place if you want to eat some fried stuff on stick, drink freshly made soya, kick back a beer, be harassed for a massage, to practice your bargaining skills and maybe to get splashed by something suspicious.

Petailing Street Kuala Lumpur

The endless stalls loaded with copy handbags and watches, sunglasses, naked figurines of that famous Korean guy, DVD’s and clothes, form a maze within the Chinese area. It can get quite packed and difficult to walk around during the afternoons.

Petailing street Malaysia

Petailing street is not only preferred by the tourists but also by the pickpockets, so always keep your valuables safe. To experience the vibrant and colourful Petailing street, get the train to Pasar Seni station from where you can walk to the market.

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

While some people prefer to go home with bags full of polo t-shirts, cheap shoes and leather handbags, others may find their true travel companion.

Petailing street Malaysia

Fake goods and replicas at Petailing street Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Where to buy cheap things in Kuala Lumpur

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