SPARKS Mini Series Or How To Start Following Your Dreams

April 15, 2017 No Comments »

I am not the best person to give advice when it comes to banking, or in other words, anything related to math, logic or … you know – general advice on how to be a responsible adult.

After all, I once sailed 18 hours by ferry, participate in karaoke, led by tipsy Japanese (with questionable singing skills) and then spend another 6 hours in a cramped bus, just so I could avoid 5 hours worth of flying.

Recently I have watched the SPARKS mini series from DBS that are focusing on a group of young bankers and how they navigate their work and personal lives. The series can teach many valuable lessons and most importantly how to find that extraordinary spark in all of us.

Titled as SPARKS, the series bring us on a journey that challenges the common perception of banking. Some, inspired by true events, show the lead characters facing extraordinary situations and finding the strength to solve them.

Now, if you are wondering, why a travel blogger, would be writing about a mini series produced by a bank, I truly believe that the lessons these series convey can be applied to everyone.

DBS Sparks mini series teaches us, that all dreams can come true, if we believe in ourselves. That by going the extra mile we can achieve anything we aim for and that true friendship is the most valuable asset of all.

Have you dreamed of traveling, but found yourself  doubted that you can do it? Have you dreamed of starting your own blog, but didn’t know if you have what it takes to make it happen?

You may not find all your answers in the SPARKS mini series, but they are worth watching. Especially on a rainy day, with a nice plate of warm cookies.

Because everything is better with few cookies at hand.

To watch the full SPARKS mini series click here.

Disclaimer: I haven’t been paid by DBS for writing this blog post and all opinions shared are my own.

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