Bret Christensen’s enchanted ice castles

December 13, 2013 No Comments »

Forget all about ice hotels and igloos, because there is new craze in town. Designer Bret Christensen found a way to create stunning ice sculptures that will captivate not only children, but adults alike.

It all began when Brent and his family moved from California to Utah. He wanted to build an ice rink for his kids and he started experimenting with water and icicles. Today, his enchanted castles can be visited in Colorado, New Hampshire and Utah.

The ice castles are made entirely of icicles. Each day more than 5,000 icicles are grown, harvested and sculpt together. The team of ice sculptors is then embedding fluorescent bulbs, that will create a magical and ethereal glow during the night.

The ice castles, sculpted by hand will evolve throughout the winter as sometimes ice sculptors develop each structure for weeks. The interior of the ice castle is as stunning as the exterior, featuring tunnels, archways, walls and stairs. For more information on these amazing sculptures, visit Ice Castles’ official page.

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