The harvest of the jewel: Glass gem corn

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The harvest of the jewel: Glass gem corn

When people hear about corn, they usually imagine something yellowish that is very tasty and then they imagine a movie theater and a bow of buttery popcorn (at least we do). And it wasn’t before 2010 when people re-discovered a variety of corn that was considered long-lost and their opinion of this fruit changed.

The glass gem corn also known as Carl’s Glass Gems was originally developed by the American corn expert Carl Barnes. He was a part Cherokee farmer living in Oklahoma.  After crossing three different types of corn and after many years of painstaking efforts, the wondrous corn was created.

Стъклена разноцветна царевица

The colours of the corn may vary from aquamarine through purple and gold

Carl Barnes then passed the jewels of his work to his corn-breeding protege, Greg Schoen. It wasn’t long before Greg planted a handful of seeds in his garden. Fascinated by the harves he passed seeds from the corn to his fellow Bill McDorman, the president of Seeds Trust.

Стъклена царевица

We are pretty sure that the taste of the glass gem corn is as good as its look.

Unfortunately, there is no place from where to purchase the seeds as the few people who do have seeds from the wondorous glass gem corn, haven’t grown enought to obtain a stock of seed to sell. You can still find various websites that sells them (or they claim so), but the price may not suit your taste. The prises can reach the wowwing $100 for 10 to 12 seeds only.

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