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We often run away from or towards something. This is one of the main reasons behind each first step every traveler has ever made. It doesn’t matter if it is the wanderlust or the need to get lost so you can rediscover yourself. There is something special every time you set foot on a foreign street for a first time, you breath in the air and get to taste a local dish (which name you can’t even pronounce). But the freedom to explore comes at a price that not everyone are willing to pay. And I am not talking about your trip expenses or the restaurant bills.

travelling the world

You may wonder what is like to have your life packed in a suitcase. 50lbs of memories that you get to carry with yourself and that will remind you of home. With time you will get better at packing your things and taking the important decisions of which items not to take on your next trip. Instead of a chore, packing your luggage will be filled with excitement and sometimes sadness. You will have to take difficult decisions, just like the very first time you packed your suitcase and you had to gave up on those skinny jeans. They haven’t fit you in few years but you kept them just in case. The same way your friendships will have to go through the test of time and distance.

do you want to know what is like to travel the world

Surprisingly, the life as you know it back home, won’t stop and wait for you. Holidays will past by, your friends and classmates will get marry, will have babies while you are climbing up those mountain summits or walking on a dusty road in Cambodia. You will get to appreciate the small moments and will cherish every time you get to call home. The small daily feuds with the family will turn into conversations about adventures, friendships and love.

do you want to know what is to like to travel the world

Don’t get me wrong. Travelling is a lonely career. You get to go places, to see the colourful and vibrant life, but you also get to fall in love with so many places and people. And while you get to keep the friendships worth keeping you create so many new ones, until your circle of friends gets as diverse as the United Nations. And yes, you know how to swear in at least five different languages and you get nervous whenever a form needs you to enter a “permanent address”. But most importantly you have learned the most valuable lesson of all, you know better than anyone else that “home” isn’t a place, its the people in it.


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