Trip to Prohodna Cave in Bulgaria

August 5, 2016 1 Comment »

I just came back from a month long vacation in Bulgaria. This year, along with spending time with my family, I decided I need to explore my own country more. Back in the days I even used to keep a copy of the special tourist book, which almost every Bulgarian owns. In it you can collect super cool stamps from all the 100 national tourist places.

So it was only natural to head for one of the most notable natural attractions – Prohodna Cave, also knows as The Eyes Of God. Now, if you re wondering about the name, just take a look at the photos and you will understand.

Caves in Bulgaria

Prohodna cave is just 112km from Sofia and you need around 2 hours to reach by car. Well, I am sure you can reach it faster, but if you re like me and stop at every possible place to take photos or buy food (ahem, this is super important) its better to set aside a little more time.

Prohodna cave, situated few kilometers from the small town of Lukovt, is naturally lit thanks to its large entrances and cave holes – similar in shape, resembling human eyes, they gave the cave its interesting name.

Making your way through the cave is easy as there is no climbing required, which is great, as I pretty much suck at all physical activities. The rock floor at the small entrance of Prohodna is really slippery and I got a bit of exersice sliding down after I fell.

The karst cave has another larger entrance that leads to unique monastery built on the rock wall. Not only this, but there is a beautiful view over Iskar river and the so-called rock piramids. Another interesting fact is that Prohodna cave was used by the priests as a sacred place and there were icons placed on its walls. These have been moved to the monastery, but people can still see the rocks with special carvings that was used as fireplaces.

Now if you like nature and hiking this place is for you. With so many wonderful and unique places around I would say you will need at least a day to explore them. As I had to make my way back to Sofia, I could only set aside few hours, but definitely plan to go back again.

There are many guesthouses that are great for spending the night, but what is even better is to set a tent and sleep under the stars next to this true Bulgarian natural wonder.

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  1. Adam Saturday October 1st, 2016 at 5:12 am - Reply

    Nice cave and rock formation … I’ll need to keep this place in mind when I pass through your country in 2017!

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