Tropical storm in the middle of the jungle

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The second day of the trek was as humid and muddy as the first one. Originally we thought we were going to draw with mud at our faces (you know, just like in the action movies set in remote jungles), but in reality this was the only part of our bodies that was still relatively clean.

Trekking in Chiang Mai

Soon after we set from our camp, a tropical storm hit us and we couldn’t even hear the cicadas’ loud songs, all we could hear were the thunders and the dense raindrops. Because we were all SMART people we decided that there was no need to stop and wait for the storm to pass. After all we were all used to falling in the mud, rolling downhill, trying to climb up and yes, ROLLING DOWNHILL again.

Trekking in Thailand

The storm passed and the sun rose in the middle of the clear, blue sky. The forest disappeared only to make way to a beautiful rice terraces, that now we had to cross. Keeping our balance we set of the edge of the first terrace and soon find ourselves in from of the small village. It consisted only few bungalows and a small hut, which was used as the local restaurant. Next to the bungalow complex, there was a small lake, which as we were told was the only shower option available.

Things to do in Chiang Mai

As the sun set we all tucked in the good old sleeping bags and went to sleep as we had big things ahead of us for the next day. We had to make our way through nine kilometers of jungle, all the way to the Elephant sanctuary. From there we were to sail on a bamboo raft, down the river, to the nearest point of civilization.

Jungle trek in Thailand

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