Ultimate Destinations To Visit In Thailand

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People who are travelling to Thailand will be able to choose from a wide range of wonderful destinations. There are many wonderful Thailand tourist destinations, such as the vibrant Bangkok or the slow-paced Chiang Mai. Travelers and tourists can choose to travel in the Northern Thailand which has wonderful views, amazing plants and natural beauties with exclusive mountains and hills. Those travelers that have a passion for a nice soothing seaside vacation can choose to visit one of the well-known beach destinations.

Thailand has something to provide to all travelers which is why is such an ideal place. If you need help in determining where in Thailand you should invest your holiday time, then be sure to consider the following 5 most well-known destinations in Thailand.

Ultimate list of destinations in Thailand


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and nearly all travelers going to Thailand will pass through this well-known Thailand journey location. Although Bangkok has a bad popularity due to the bad traffic problems and the air contamination, the city is definitely one location where every visitor should invest a few days during their vacation in Thailand. Bangkok has many excellent destinations such as wonderful Buddhist wats (temples), a wide range of amazing shopping centers and unique markets such as the local sailing market.

Ultimate list of destinations in Thailand


One of the most visited destinations in Thailand is Phuket. This well-known island is actually the greatest one in Thailand and provides variety of attractions to its visitors. The seashores on Phuket are among the most wonderful in Thailand and there are a lot of excellent seaside hotels from which travellers can choose. Many travellers choose to check out Phuket during their vacation, because of its night life that is renowned around the globe. Other well-known sightseeing opportunities on the island include the Phuket Fantasea Display, the Simon Cabaret Display and the Sea Shell Museum.

Ultimate list of destinations in Thailand


Pattaya is the seaside resort which is the nearest to Bangkok and it is adopted as an affordable weekend getaway by the Thais. Although Pattaya was Thailand’s first beach resort, nowadays the once beautiful bay area is turned into an industrial zone, reflecting at the quality of the sea water and sand. However there are plenty of water sport activities that attract the adrenaline seekers. The real reason behind the insane tourist traffic in Pattaya is not the nature, but the vibrant night life which can be discovered there. Cheap alcohol, Go-go clubs, massage parlours and girlie bars occupy block after block of the central city.

Ultimate list of destinations in Thailand

Koh Samui

Samui is a wonderful exotic island located close to the mainland town of Surat Thani in Surat Thani Province . The shores on Koh Samui are even more wonderful then those discovered on Phuket, with a variety of tropical white sand beaches and Koh Samui’s signature rocky shores. The most famous beach in Koh Samui is Silver beach which overlooks at Gulf of Thailand. The main stream of tourists are drawn either to Chaweng or Lamai beach, where the parties (and the ladyboys) are at every corner. Overall Koh Samui is the perfect place to visit if you are a natural lover, with a passion for turquoise waters and sun.

Ultimate list of destinations in Thaialnd

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai provides travellers with a different kind of vacation experience when compared with the rest of Thailand. Chiang Mai is situated in the hills of Northern Thailand, where the city has a fantastic location, and the travellers are invited to have a glimpse at the everyday life of the mountain communities in Thailand. Chiang Mai is famous not only with its temples, but because of the adventurous hiking opportunities, where travellers spend few days in the jungle, away from the civilization. Among the highlights of the city are the Chiang Mai Zoo and the Elephant Nature Park. But even if you don’t embark on any adventurous tour you will be awarded with a revitalizing experience high in the mountains, where you can meet the roots of the ancient culture of this charming country.

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