Waterfall chasing in Vietnam Part II: Dambri waterfall

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Bao Loc is known as the tea capital of Vietnam and it is very common to see how people are drying the leaves and fruits on the roads and in front of their homes. The city is surrounded by small mountains and hills all covered in tea. The sweet scent can be filled everywhere, and one of the symbols of the city is a tea pot.

How to get to Dambri, Dantala waterfall in Vietnam

On the road to Dambri (Dantala) waterfall in Vietnam

Like most of the bigger towns in Vietnam, Bao Loc had a local Coop Mart packed with the local supermarket chain and the Vietnamese version of KFC, LOTERIA. The supermarket was somehow chaotic and we quickly grabbed our supplies, before trying some of the fried chicken in the fast food outlet. We were surprised as there weren’t any tourists at sight. After the short break we set the GPS to Dambri (also known as Dantala) waterfall.

How to get to Dambri Vietnam

Excited about trying the cable car!

The park was very well taken care of and there were small villas and few big restaurants. We were excited to see the waterfall so we skipped the lunch and hopped onto the luge ride that was offered to the waterfall.

Dambri waterfall Vietnam

And the view form the front seat of the car

The ride was pretty exciting with the presence of the lever, with which you are able to control your speed completely. 40 000 dong one way and 60 000 dong return per person was somehow a reasonable price for the car ride we experienced.

Dambri waterfall in Vietnam

And after conquering the last 400 meters we finally reached the waterfall.

The big waterfall was a 400 meters and only one steep staircase away. Breathless and sweaty we reached the top. The view of the water running down the cliffs with all its power and the reverberation that it created were somehow energizing and refreshing. The view was disfigured by the small elevator built on the left side, but it was something we could pass.

Dambri waterfall Vietnam

The 90 meter tall Dambri waterfall

There was a small cafe facing the waterfall, offering refreshing drinks and local fare. One cold Pepsi later we spotted a second path that was leading up to the waterfall. We made our way to it and got a bit soaked while passing in front of the fierce water of Dambri.

Dambri waterfall in Vietnam

The beautiful view from above.

The path was leading almost underneath the water and we managed to get some pretty shots of the rainbow that was created by the water drops in the air.

Dambri (Dantala) waterfall Vietnam

The bridge where everyone got soaked from the water drops in the air

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